The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved: Chapter 5

“I looked with rapture at the folded cloth and clutched it in my hands, tears of joy streaming down my face. I squeezed my eyes shut, an overwhelming peace welling up in my soul. With all my heart, I spoke the most sincere words I had ever spoken in my entire life.”

The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved: Chapter 1

“I vividly recalled the sheer sorrow and distress in Jesus’ eyes. To me, that was more significant than even the farewell speech. Something sinister was drawing near; with all these worries nagging at the back of my mind, how could I simply sit idly and wait…”

Pascha Psalm

By Mary Jessica Woods Word Count: 197 Rating: G (suitable for all audiences) Summary: An Easter poem. Hear the faint heralds, O soldiers, Calling distant above the far battleground. Long have you fought in night’s deepest hour, Long have you struggled, sore-weary, with shadowy foes, But now the sky pales, and the trumpets blare out […]

The Doctor’s Easter: A Doctor Who Story

By Yatzstar Word Count: Rating: G (suitable for all audiences) Summary: The Doctor travels back to First Century Jerusalem to find the truth about Jesus. It was Easter Sunday. Churches all over the world were crammed full of people celebrating the holiday, but the Doctor was not one of them. He sat in his TARDIS, […]

Love Me: A Chronicles of Narnia Story

By Hannah Skipper Word Count: 4,420 Rating: PG for some thematic material relating to PTSD Summary: A grown-up Susan Pevensie encounters a lion during a safari, which changes her life forever Susan Pevensie sat tensely in the front row of a van, staring forlornly out the window as the vehicle bumped along a dusty rut in […]