The Enchanted Rose

By Amanda Pizzolatto Word Count: 3331 Rating: G Summary: Queen Scheherazade has a mission for young Ananse, a hero in training, but can he complete it? “Uncle Remus! Aunt Nancy! I’m home!” called out Henry right before slamming the door behind him. A dark-skinned woman in her forties appeared around the corner. “Henry Charles Anderson! How... Continue Reading →


An Antillian Christmas

By Amanda Pizzolatto Word Count: 3441 Rating: PG Summary: The crossover world of Antillian celebrates Christmas. Nico di Angelo slunk to the far wall as his eyes darted over the large crowd. He could just make out Hazel Levasque's curly head. Jason Grace was busy helping the shedus* fly the ornaments to the higher half... Continue Reading →

A Rose in Winter: A Treeman of Roses Story

Goewyn knew there was no need for constant conversation between her and Rhodon, but she had come for a reason. “My father and Aunt Betsan sent me out here to find you.” “Oh, yes?” “Yes, they want to invite you to our Christmas Eve celebration. It’s only two days away, you know.” Only two days from Christmas, already? If the winter rain didn’t come soon… “You know I have never been fond of parties, Goewyn.”


Although the movie showed little success at its first publication (perhaps the title turned people away?), it became wildly popular in 1988 (when VHS and new-fangled “videos” were introduced) as the few who had first loved The Princess Bride showed it to their children… and then to their grandchildren.

The Treeman of Roses: Epilogue

By T.K. Wilson Word Count: 15261 Rating: PG for depictions of PTSD panic attacks and violence Summary: When Lady Goewyn of House Meridian meets the long missing treeman of roses, Lord Rhodon of the Western March, her eyes are opened to a new world of danger, magic, and healing. Epilogue: The Rose Seller In the... Continue Reading →

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