Legend of the Lost: Chapter 6

"I know you're not so tough. You like to act that way, but I know you, Sev. I know, I know deep down you're good...and no mater how far down you bury it, that goodness will resurface some day."

Legend of the Lost: Chapter 5

"That is the theme of all life and literature, is it not? The search for the component of salvation. The horn one should have blown, the grail one should have found, the cross one should have made...moments you cannot replay, events you cannot recast, choices you cannot undo."

Bart the Bard

"Deep in the mountains in a hidden cave is a sword. This sword gives unbelievable power, power not even I can begin to understand. It is being sought by enemy, Marvin the Maligned. He mustn't get it, Bart."

Legend of the Lost: Chapter 3

"You complain about it, but what did you have to offer her that my father couldn't have outdone you on? What makes you think you could even have made her happy, or shown her a good time?"

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