In every age and nation, people hear the message of the star and find the Child who reveals the tenderness of God.


Freeze and Thaw: A Star Trek Fan Fiction Story

By Aconitum Napellus Word Count: 7438 Rating: PG-13 Summary: After a disastrous visit to another planet, Spock conspires with Bones and Scotty to save Captain Kirk from crushing depression. December was a dull month. Even on the starship Enterprise, without the natural cycles of weather or the tilt of the earth creating shorter, darker, colder days,... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Gift

By Julia Rose Magyar Works Cited: 2102 Rating: G Summary: A little girl's Christmas Wish leads to an important lesson. It was almost Christmas time in the town of Happy Meadows. The town was in great preparation, decorating shop windows, and hanging wreaths and garlands on their doors. But in one house, a twelve-year-old girl sat... Continue Reading →

On the Feast of St. Stephen

By Kevin Michael Derby Word Count: 3302 Rating: PG Summary: Kevin writes of the paradox of Christmas time. I am blessed with having both an older and a younger brother who are almost seven years apart from each other. Of course, being stuck between them during my childhood, I did not think they were much of... Continue Reading →

Ham for the Holidays

By Kevin Derby Word Count: 2657 Rating: PG Summary: Kevin recounts a story about working retail at Christmastime. In its infinite wisdom, back in 1955, the “one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church,” (don’t take my word for it, that’s from the First Council of Constantinople back in 381) declared May 1 to be the feast of... Continue Reading →

Star of the Imperial Feminine

By Ronnie Smith Word Count: 123 Rating: G Summary: A Marian poem. Five, the birth-star rays of the Magi’s infant king; Of the light of our infinite gaze …   Five, the dimensions of Light through Mary; Of hope, faith, love, life, and grace …   Five, the wounds that comprehend the Morning Star; Of the... Continue Reading →

A Mild Cold Front

By  Lawrence Hall Word Count: 92 Rating: G Summary: The poet muses on the weather. An errant frog’s the only voice to sing The day to sleep in this warm, blustery dusk. The whippoorwill of yesternight is still; The deep-voiced owl is silent too.  The wind And damp have silenced even the twilight dogs (Do... Continue Reading →

The Angel of Christmas

By Amanda Pizzolatto Word Count: 3074 Rating: G Summary: The story of one girl's battle to save Christmas. The town of Crystal Woods, Asphodel, is widely known for its celebration of the Christmas season, often nicknamed the Christmas Town. Every house is lined with lights, every chimney is smoking, and every door has a wreath.... Continue Reading →

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