Harry Potter Articles Wanted!

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Our next Themed Issue is going to be based on Harry Potter! Whether you like the franchise or have a low opinion of it, we want to know! All submissions must be cleanly, clearly and calmly written.
We are looking for EVERYTHING Potter-related:
-Analysis of characters, events, plot, etc.
-Thoughts on the new/upcoming spinoffs
-Why the books/movies/franchise are/is good
-Why the books/movies/franchise are/is not good
-Why magic is loved/hated, good/bad, fun/dangerous
-Et cetera
Don’t let the list limit you – if it has to do with Harry Potter and it is well written and unoffensive, we will (almost certainly) put it in the magazine or on the blog! Previously published/posted works on the subject are already being reviewed.
You can submit your work by emailing Avellina at campionsbrag@aol.com.

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