The Fisher of Men: Simon Peter’s Wake Up Call


By Joseph Cunningham, May 31, 2016

Word Count: 250

Rating: G (suitable for all audiences)

Summary: (Based on St. Luke’s Gospel 5: 1-11)  The Gospel for the 4th Sunday after Pentecost

image1 (4)
Image Credit: Fr. Philip Heng,

I’ve cursed these waters all night long,

and now

the morning star has given rise to the blazing dawn.

I’m mending these ragged nets with stronger, thicker string,

Nets filled with holes that have provided my business goals with not one single thing.

Docked by the shore,

Only one Man is aboard.

He’s Preaching to the crowds about Living for The Lord.

That makes me even more ashamed,

to think that that is the only thing my expensive vessel is good for.

I’m tired and I’m depressed from our fruitless night,

And now looking at the crowd it’s a pitiful sight,

He’s preaching to the sick, the maimed, the poor and the lame.

Docked by the Shore,

Only one Man is aboard.

I’ve got a tired crew and nothing to show for,

our efforts by this time should be a lot more successful.

Maybe, last night

we should have not even set sail,

Look at us,

at me.

I have obviously failed.

The Preacher is finally finished preaching,

now He’s staring at me.

There’s something about Him:

a strange kind of trust,

between Him and I.

Between us.

Something about the way His eyes catch the Blazing Dawn,

My Heart seems to stop as if I were somehow asleep.

He looks at the crowds

and then He turns towards the sea,

“Duc In Altum!”, He says

“Launch Out Into The Deep!”


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