Christos Voskrese!

By Lawrence “Mack” Hall Word Count: 473 Rating: G (suitable for all audiences) Summary: A poem about the Russian Orthodox celebration of Easter   For Tod *** The world is unusually quiet this dawn With fading stars withdrawing in good grace And drowsy, dreaming sunflowers, dewy-drooped, Their golden crowns all motionless and still, Stand patiently in […]


Gifts: A Star Trek Story

By M.C. Pehrson Word Count: 4288 Rating: PG for a small amount of thematic content. Summary: Spock and his daughter T’Beth have some healing to do over Christmas. Author’s Note: This story is one of many that precede “Testament” in my Star Trek: Beyond series. It has been edited for use at this site. “Gifts” […]

Yours Ever, Prim: A Hunger Games Story

By Avellina Balestri (alias Rosaria Marie) Word Count: 1,137 Rating: PG for thematic elements and reflections on the Hunger Games Summary: After having been killed in the battle against the Capital, Primrose Everdeen sends her sister Katniss a message from beyond the grave, encouraging her to continue to see meaning in life. Dear Katniss, I […]

The Half-Blood Princess: A Harry Potter Story

“A half-blood is someone of both muggle and magical parentage. I am a half-blood, and if my memory serves me correctly, you are also a half-blood by descent.”

In from the Cold: A Harry Potter Story

Severus stepped aside and fixed Potter with a glare. “I did not spend seventeen years keeping you alive for you to freeze to death on my doorstep.” Potter, at least, had the decency to look contrite. “In. Now!”

Tea and Irony: A Harry Potter Story

“Dudley, Dudley, calm down!” Harry shouted, grasping his cousin by his large, meaty shoulders. “This happens all the time—magical children born into Muggle families. You learn, you adjust.”

In Defense of Santa Claus: A New Understanding of a Timeless Tale

My mother looked at me steadily, took a deep breath, and said, “Sweetheart, Santa Claus is real.”

I am sure my mouth must have fallen open. I was not prepared for that answer. I thought I would be told how to keep the magic alive longer for my siblings, to watch what I say around them, how I am growing up and an expected part of that is to lose belief in Santa. I was prepared for almost anything else but hearing that Santa Claus was real. But my mother’s serious blue eyes did not let me doubt for a moment that she believed.

Journey to a New Life

By Sarah Levesque Word count: 2378 Rating: G (suitable for all audiences) Summary: A girl living in the Middle Ages leaves the country to live with her relatives in the city.   Clip clop, clip clop. Helen Fletcher stared out of the moving wagon. The twelve-year-old farm girl was on her way to live with […]

Shake On It: Christmas – A Harry Potter Story

By Laume Word count: 2554 Rating: G (suitable for all audiences) Summary: A Christmas continuation of Shake On It A winter and a summer had come and gone since Snape moved in with Harry. While they both realized by now they would never have a regular father-son relationship, overall Harry thought things could have been […]



By M. C. Pehrson

Word count: 107

Rating: G

Summary: An acrostic poem describing the joys of Christmas.

Image credit: Marcello Corti

Mint candy canes and popcorn on strings,

Evergreen trees with ornaments shining,

Rosy-red faces nipped by cold winds,

Records with carols on turntables playing,

Yards strung top to bottom with colorful lights.

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