30 Years Outatime: A Review of “Back to the Future”

Few films attain an iconic status that allows them to stand the test of time and remain relevant to each successive generation so that it becomes a cultural institution that transcends time and has a shelf life which extends long beyond its initial release.


One More Dance

ONE MORE DANCE By Stuart S. Laing Word count: 1780 Rating: PG Summary: An old lady remembers younger, happier days. “Where’s that blimming cat got tae now?” Jinty sighed as she stared around the edge of her door, peering out into the darkness of Fishmarket Close as the snow continued to fall like feathers from... Continue Reading →


GRANDPA By Lawrence S. Howe and M. C. Pehrson Word count: 1275 Rating: PG (smoking) Summary: Memories of Laurence S. Howe's grandfather and the times they spent together. My first few years were about normal for the early days of the 20th Century. I was burned, blistered, cut, trampled by horses, run over by a... Continue Reading →

The Voodoo Doll (Take Two)

THE VOODOO DOLL (TAKE TWO): A PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN FAN-FICTION STORY By WriterFromWardrobe Word count: 1531 Rating: PG Summary: Henry and Carina's first child is expected any day. In my earlier fanfic, The Voodoo Doll, I explained how Carina could have been Jack and Angelica's daughter. Having now seen PotC: DMTNT, however, I learned... Continue Reading →

Pecking Order

PECKING ORDER: AN AMERICAN GIRL FAN-FICTION STORY By fringebenefits Word count: 2606 Rating: G Summary: Two friends help each other with the end-of-the-week chores. Williamsburg, Virginia, October 1774 Ben laid out a sheet of paper, and prepared to write down a list of duties for the Friday evening weekly store cleaning as Edward Merriman had instructed... Continue Reading →

A New Home

A NEW HOME By Amanda Pizzolatto (alias Aurora Mandeville) Word count: 1716 Rating: G Summary: An unhappy orphan finds a loving family The carriage rolled up to the gloomy castle as wave after wave crashed upon the distant shore. The boy curled up inside felt that the waves matched his emotions that dreary morning, angry... Continue Reading →

A Family Reunited: a Poldark Fan-Fiction Story

A FAMILY REUNITED: A POLDARK FAN-FICTION STORY By Monica Marinello Word count: 3843 Rating: PG Summary: An uplifting short story about the Poldark family   Francis Poldark had entered Trenwith like a whirlwind. “Elizabeth!  Elizabeth, where are you?  I must tell you something!”  He ran to the parlor, then back into the great hall, where... Continue Reading →

Prologue to Mulan

"I have many swords." She spread her arms to show the amount. "I beat the boys when they take away my dolls, and take their swords away."

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