Passion and Resurrection

By Anna Raj, March 11, 2016

Word Count: 136

Rating: G

Summary: A poem of Christ’s death

Image credit: Michelangelo Merisi de Caravaggio

The shining marble of eternity’s home,

Glowing furnace of pain’s desire,

Lashed to the column of mankind’s woe

Hung the Victim of Israel’s ire.

Crowned with the barbs of worldly conceit,

Clad in vesture of nature’s scorn,

Love’s cheek burning with the traitor’s deceit,

Thought’s kiss with man reborn;

High on a tree on Moriah’s mount,

The great Lie hath met its clay.

As the dark night’s crusture was rent,

New life greeted Eternal Day.

Agony’s burden by triumph dispelt,

Five rubies blushing aflame,

The Hero of Failure mortality dealt,

And arose the nation’s’ Name.

When Vict’ry’s Bride hath borne the abyss

Her Master once bore and secured

The crown of fidelity, crown of conquest,

Then shall the bull be submerged.


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