Our Lady of the World


By Ronnie Smith, May 6, 2016

Word Count: 205

Rating: G (suitable for all audiences)

Summary: A poem in honor of Our Lady as gem of the world.

Image credit: http://www.catholicbible101.com/spiritualmeditations.htm

To the pure, all things are pure, but to those who are corrupted and do not believe, nothing is pure.

~ The Epistle of Saint Paul to Titus 1:15 (NABRE)

The gem of Christ illumined dawn,

whose every day obeyed His love,

whose prose arose, the highest swan,

horizon-long in flight of love,

Sublime as night that orbits Sun,

she holds the earth in cosmic love,

attracting to the Living One

the souls who search this life for love,

Her vessel sails the dark in hope,

an ark to sate the world with love,

she steers a course as slim as rope,

a strait to God’s utopian love,

We scourge our slave, our planet’s awe,

our world of wonder dies for love,

And robot markets stretch the jaw

of profit margins blind to love,

Our Lady would for every soul,

but those who choose the self to love

are those denying Life is whole,

are those defying Life and love,

The poor, the helpless, we can save,

The only famine cries for love,

Divine—to share the glut we crave,

whose hunger drives our lives from love,

Unfailing Mother comes for all

and won’t destroy her gift of love,

There is no soul that does not fall,

no soul she would not lift to love.


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