Sail Away


By Emily Baggins (alias Frodo Baggins)

Word Count: 198

Rating: G (suitable for all audiences)

Summary: A poem about Legolas and Gimi as the elves prepare to sail for the Gray Havens.

sail away 2


The wind drifts across the sea

Beckoning and calling me.

Tugging on my Elven hair,

It tries to draw me in.


The waves crash against the shore

Seeming to my heart implore:

Come and sail the open seas!

Sail to your true home.


The sun now begins to set;

As it sinks, my heartstrings fret.

I know I must leave Middle-Earth

And go to distant lands.


The Lady of the Golden Wood,

I feel like she said I would:

Restless as the wind and waves

‘Til I should sail the seas.


The boat is about to leave.

A sigh I am about to heave,

When I turn back, look, and see

My best friend standing there.


The dwarf is making no sound,

But I see tears fall to the ground.

It pains me to see him cry,

But stay here I cannot.


The parting is hard to bear –

Must it be here, or anywhere?

I stoop down to Gimli’s height

And whisper “Come with me.”


The shore shrinks and fades from sight

And the day turns into night.

I sigh happ’ly as I sail

With Gimli by my side.



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