The Beast and My Demise


By Elizabeth Troup, Oct 10 2016

Word Count: 192

Rating: PG for disturbing elements and gothic fantasy peril

Summary: A Red Riding Hood poem



Cobwebs strewn across my eyes, you led me through the forest

of thorns and ivy. Too many voices, I couldn’t hear yours.

You whispered echoes of dreams and solace,

Leaving me in a breathless daze.

Sometimes you’d drop my hand and rush away,

leaving me all alone in the swirling smoke.

Did you forget you were my only guide?

I called your name but the wind was my sole reply.

You slowly found me again, held me from behind,

Planting more of your sweet flowers inside my mind.

The mere sound of your voice led me through

every broken branch and leaf covered in dew.

But sometimes I’d hear faint shrieks.

You warned me it was the beast of the woods,

and assured me that you’d keep me safe.

Oh, why oh why, did I believe you?

Then I heard another scream, this voice told me to run.

But I did not know what I should be running from.

You chuckled “foolish girl”, and tore

the webs from my eyes.  I found myself

face to face with the beast and my demise.


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