By Anna Maria Martz

Word Count: 135

Rating: G (suitable for all audiences)

Summary: A Poem of Spring

Image Source: http://www.pictorem.com/

A tiny flower mocks the frost
A gem glints in a darkened sea
A star brightens shadows of night
A prayer transforms a hopeless plea

A breath of air pursues the smoke
A hint of spring dispels cold’s blight
A loving word consoles sad tears
A wounded bird prepares for flight

A mother bird breaks into song
A drowsy chick lays down to rest
A dove coos lullabies to her babes
And hides them gently in her nest

A mist of droplets thaws the chill
A broken branch unfurls its leaves
A sleeping dale its flowers spill
The somber children laugh and sing

Young light inspires an aged face
With life the vale begins to ring
When Hope blossoms in joyful grace
Cold wind is calmed by sudden spring


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