By M.C. Pehrson

Word Count: 200

Rating: G (suitable for all ages)

Summary: A beautiful celebration of faith in poem form.


Image credit: David Relph Photography


There is a seeing some deny

But no less real for those of faith

Than the ground beneath one’s feet

A breath of air, one’s own heartbeat

For I have met Him in the stars

A lovely phrase, a sprig of moss

I have found Him in a brook

A thundering cloud, a caring look

On the darkest of dark days

Even then I’ve sensed Him near

A touch unseen but no less true

And From His presence, comfort drew

On the loneliest of nights

He has lavished me with care

Held my poor heart in His hands

And made me His without demands

In peaceful churches I have knelt

While slanting sun through stained-glass streamed

Upon an altar decked with flowers

Where by His Word a priest empowered

That sacred hour once more renewed

“Take and eat; from this cup drink”

No longer simple bread and wine

But a blessed Food Divine

His goodness seeks us as we are

And finding sin, eradicates

Fallen nature’s selfish trace

Leaving virtue in its place

From youngest years I’ve heard His voice

Beckoning with Father-love

His mercy’s work a soul-deep truth

What other need have I of proof?


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