Period Drama is Coming!

Greetings and Felicitations, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen…

Our upcoming issue of Ink & Fairydust will be dedicated to period dramas, with a broad timeline of 16th-19th centuries.

*Review and explore aspects of your favorite (or even least favorite) films and series, including Jane Austen adaptations, Poldark, Hornblower, Sharpe’s Rifles, Masterpiece Theatre Productions, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc.

*Compose poetry inspired by the Romantic poets such as John Keats, Sir Walter Scott, etc., or based on the wealth of folk ballads from past ages. You can also analyze the original poetry and songs.

*Create your own original historical fictions stories or period drama fan-fiction, involving characters from history, classic literature, film, and television.

*Write essays on a given character or period in history that fascinates you. Talk about how people lived, cooked, dressed, fought, and dealt with the big questions of life in days of yore.

*Make fan-art, historical imagery collages, or historically themed photography displays.

These are just some of the wider ideas you can choose from – please add to our list! We look forward to seeing what you send our way!

Please send your articles in by August 18th, 2017. Those going to the magazine instead of the blog will be chosen by the editors, though earlier submissions will be more likely to go into the magazine.


Avellina Balestri & Sarah Levesque, editors


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