The Path of Merlin: A Harry Potter Fan-Fiction Poem


By Timothy Mather

Word Count: 356

Rating: PG for some violent imagery and references to dark magic

Summary: A poem about Harry Potter’s identity and spiritual growth in light of his struggles against the forces of darkness.

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Harry Potter walks between worlds, magical or muggle,

where power is more of a burden than a gift.

Dursleys are narrowminded, conventional, unimaginative,

self-obsessed and uncaring.

He Who Shall Not Be Named, cruel, manipulative,

would control dominion over all.

Both overcome by a wounded boy

trying to balance material and magical through Love.

A boy of hope grown into a man of transformation,

liberation, and sacred Alchemy.

A resurrection stone can ruin a life if wielded by the uninitiated,

or restore through monumental sacrifice.

The Elder Wand may be powerful only to those of faith,

a curse to those seeking oppression.

A veil of invisibility can only hide those willing to seek

and find the end of the pilgrim’s journey.

A patronus is an expression of my character,

a powerful emotion from within.

Otter of sharp mind and wit brings clarity

and devotion to Harry’s quest.

Terrier, dedicated, devoted, flawed,

loyal to the end, a true human spirit.

Phoenix, I am the ancient man of the tower  

who shows the path to transfiguration.

I am a child of moonlight, emotion,

intuition, and eternal good.

I am happiness,

Friend of giants, dragons, and spiders.

I am a protector and comrade.

I am Erised, a reflection of desire,

a tool for good or personal gain.

Horcrux, a split in my soul,

shows my weakness in cutting corners to the truth.

Possess my ring, read my diary, drink from my cup,

wear my locket, don a tarnished tiara.

Nagini, companion of the unnamed.

Body annihilated in magical combat.

The soul only survives by integration,

it is destroyed by division.

I battle the darkness within my soul

to reclaim my faithful followers and myself.

I walk the path of Merlin,

I am the wounded king,

I am a reintegration of the Self.

I am sacrificed by Voldemort in order to redeem

those who believe in me.

I always was there and in the end I am redeemed,

once my treachery is understood.

Where the Riddle fails utterly in his efforts

to control and dominate the material world,

the chosen one, a boy, overcomes and succeeds

through love, sacrifice, and selflessness.


One thought on “The Path of Merlin: A Harry Potter Fan-Fiction Poem

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  1. Great job with this piece, Tim! You really managed to poetically capture the spiritual elements within Harry Potter in particular and the archetypal fantasy/mythology themes contained within it. The parts that dealt with self-sacrificial love and redemption were always my favorite in the story, and I’ve commonly used them as launching points in my works of fan-fiction.


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