Legend of the Lost: Epilogue


By Avellina Balestri (alias Rosaria Marie)

Word Count: 66,667

Rating: PG-13 for violence, language and sensuality

Summary: Following the attack by Nagini, Severus Snape is partially paralyzed and going blind from the venom. Harry Potter decides to probe him for answers and begrudgingly becomes his sole care-taker in a secret shack on the Hogwarts grounds. Can old wounds be healed before the end, or will generational hatreds linger on beyond the grave?

Image Credit: Warner Brothers


        A man in his mid-30’s, wearing glasses and an overcoat, stood in a windswept cemetery in front of a grave. It was a gray winter day, as gray as the waves crashing against the Dorset coast not far away, and the chiseled sky seemed to match the texture of the headstone before him.

   He knelt and brushed away the snow dusting it. “There you go,” he muttered, smiling slightly. “Can’t have that, can we?”

    He pulled his coat tighter as the wind whipped up along the side of the hill. “Well, it’s your type of day, that’s for sure. I do hope you’re satisfied with me getting half frozen to death during visiting hours.” He gazed out, in the direction of the ocean. “There’s salt on the wind today. I love it when I can taste it. It seems to come alive, when it plays along with the currents.

Sometimes it seems like they are both living things, bound together. I think you’d have liked living by the ocean; it gives a man a place to wander and to think…”

    He didn’t say anything for a little while, then tossed in awkwardly, “So I suppose I’ll update you on the family. Hermione sends her love. She’s still keeping busy with pediatric pharmacy, so maybe all those potions lessons did her some good after all, even though you were sort of a jerk to her back then. She’s taken it in stride, and is pretty damn good at her job. She has a heart for helping people, especially kids.”

    He stuffed his chapped hands into his pockets. “You would have loved to scare straight our own kids, I imagine, especially Albus Severus. Obviously I kept my part of the bargain…it’s only a middle name. But I do wonder what you’d have been like around little Lily Luna. I fancy she looks a lot like her grandmother, red hair, green eyes, and a patch of freckles just by her nose. And she’s very sweet-natured. Why do I have a sneaking suspicion you would have gone just a little softer on her? And I do think she would have liked you, too. She has a way of reading between the lines. She probably would have adopted you as her personal project.”

    He turned his eyes to the ground. “Speaking of projects, I’m happy to report Luna Lovegood is taking good care of Ron, who is doing pretty well running his dentist office. Hermione gave him a lot of inspiration there, her parents having been in that field and all. Ginny is also quite happy with Neville, who’s now a botanist. She came to think he was pretty cool, especially after he massacred your snake, and he needed the additional self-confidence after all those years of your scaring the britches off him, anyway. Plus she thinks his flowers are romantic, so all’s well that ends well. They’re all almost like aunts and uncles to the kids now.”

    Then he remembered to include his old former enemy. “Even Draco Malfoy recently settled down with a nice girl and has managed to leave behind his past record menace to the magical society. He’s done well for himself; went into business management, and has a cushy office in one of those big London companies. When we all left Hogwarts and came back to the muggle world, his parents pretty much disowned him. So we sort of formed a little club among ourselves for support. But you were right about getting out, especially after what happened when the Ministry fractured and Hogwarts closed its doors after the war. Positive anarchy up there. As I told you before, we had to pretty much make a raid to get Professor McGonagall out of there. You know how stubborn she is; she’d stay on board until the ship sunk, or be thrown into Azkaban by feuding factions.”

   He rolled his eyes, recalling how he and Ron had to risk her incinerating them with her wand before managing to pretty much drag her into a muggle vehicle and drive her to the safety of the south while rioters were wreaking havoc on the school grounds. “She was a bit shaken, but she’s doing okay now; lives in retirement in an ornate old place with lots of books and antiques from the wizarding and muggle worlds, plus opened up something of a rescue shelter for magical animals without a home. Lots of cats and owls, as you can imagine. And I never realized she was so good at music. She’s got a magic touch with the harpsichord, so she’s giving the kids lessons.  And for the record, she seems to have quite gotten over that wand duel incident, because she talks in as praiseworthy a tone about you now as you once did in the shack. She even said that under more advantageous circumstances, you might have made a damn good headmaster. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, Hagrid’s staked out with her too as her groundskeeper and animal caretaker. He’s also got his own landscaping business under way, so he’s putting his giant green thumb to good use…”

   He exhaled. “But anyway, enough about them. Time to talk about me. Guess what I had to teach in literature class this past week?” he rattled on with a sparkle in his eye. “Dante. Thought of you the whole time.” He smirked. “How come I can barely get through a day as a teacher without imagining some deliciously sarcastic thing you’d say to me, even after all this time? Maybe I should stop using your books in session. They’re haunted or something. But I don’t know…maybe I get a kick out of thinking what your commentary would be. It would still be Potter this, or Potter that, oh, you like the title ‘professor’, do you? Empty-headed maggot, bricker-brack boy, you’re doing it all wrong, you’re not hard enough on your brats, you make too many jokes in class, love is less effective than fear among any student body…” He swallowed something back. “But…fear isn’t what keeps bringing me out here, is it?”

    He turned his eyes to the sky strewn with snow clouds, and felt icy water blurring his vision. “Damn it, Snape, don’t you know you’re missed down here? You miserable man, don’t you know how much…?” He inhaled, regaining control of himself. “Sorry,” he chuckled. “Still the emotional basket case, I’m afraid.” He half laughed, half sniffled. “Well, at least you see…I still remember. You’re a hard one to forget, you cantankerous codger.”

    His eyes softened. “I’ve got something to tell you. I know you’d snark me about it like crazy, but…well, you’re involved, like it or not. I’m starting to…go to Mass at the parish regular-like. Starting to…take instruction, as they call it. It all started with that Mass I had for you. Didn’t know half how to go about it in the beginning …just had to track down a priest to get the general scoop. Sort of blurted out that I had this friend who had been…a son of the Church. Hey, you said that type of thing never got worn away, and it seemed to work pretty well in getting what needed to be gotten. The padre was a good sport about it and helped me figure things out. So…instead of one, I wound up going to two Requiem Masses. You said your mum wanted one too, right? Well…she got it now.”

    He let his mind drift back to the memory of deciding to light a votive candle beneath the stained glass window of St. John of the Cross. “I felt…what you said. There was a deeper magic at work. I can’t describe it, but…it made me feel connected and complete. I started to want to attend more often, and then…I started learning about it, and I wanted…to confess, to communicate. So, unless I blow something in a major way, I should be able to do so come Easter Vigil this year. And…in a strange sort of way…it’s sort of your doing. So…better wish me luck.”

   He turned back down in the direction of the winding road from which he had come. “I’d best get going. Hermione will be getting supper together, and she hates it if I let it get cold grading papers too late or lollygagging about. We live in a nice place. It’s a lovely cottage with a garden in the back, and green meadows and woods, and lots of open space to see the sky…”

    Again he found his words running out apace, realizing that none of it could have been possible without the sacrifice of others. He pulled something from under his coat and laid it down in front of the grave. “Sorry it got a little crunched,” he apologized, regarding the lily lying almost camouflaged in the snow. “Had to get it at one of those greenhouse places on the way up here. It’s not the easiest time of year to get these, so you’ve got to give me an E for effort, at least.”

    The wind brushed the petals, and for a moment, the flower seemed to be dancing to the music of spring’s rebirth stirring deep beneath the frozen ground of winter. Was it speaking to the one who had laid it there? Telling him of something that transcended the grave?

    He closed his eyes. “Give mum a hug for me, okay? And if you see my dad…tell him I said hi. Tell him how annoyingly like him I am sometimes. And tell him…I won’t make the same mistakes he did.”

    One last time he touched the stone. “See you soon, Snape. Thanks again for this life I’m living. God knows it was worth everything, after all.”

    And as Harry Potter walked away, the pale sun glinted through the frosty sky and shone on that headstone, carved in the shape of a Celtic cross. It read: 

Severus Snape:

Teacher and Friend –

“Farewell, farewell,

To you who would hear,

You lonely travelers all.”


Beneath that, at the base of the cross in even smaller writing, was inscribed:


Luke 23:43 – “I tell you, this day you will be with Me in Paradise.”


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33 thoughts on “Legend of the Lost: Epilogue

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  1. I have a visual of this line of Harry saying thanks, then Snape saying something like “Potter!” in that tone he always used. Harry turns around, expecting a reprimand or rebuke, says, “Yes?” And Snape says, “You’re welcome.”


  2. Damn you! That was beautiful! I’m not crying! :”'(((((((

    Man I loved this story. It’s not often you come across writers like you! I will definitely read this again someday, and I’m definitely going to read your other stories

    Here’s my blurb: A wonderful story that felt perfectly with very complicated and beautiful themes,this is the story of forgiveness,finding ones self,and over all love. A perfect length and written with an art that is rare and can share unspoken messages with others who speak the same language. A beautiful touch of religion that can be related to by many other religions,a story that will join into a thousand others that make one song,I would definitely come to this story for inspiration

    That was a bit long

    Now I’m off to read your other stories!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great job on this one, a beautiful ending that works well with the story and the characters as you have portrayed them. Best of luck. Everafter


  4. Nice twist to have so many of Harry’s generation leave the wizarding world. Nicely written story. I look forward to reading more of your Harry Potter stories.


  5. Ok, I have a lump in my throat and tears in my eye as I write this.
    Amazing story, superb writing, beautiful descriptions, and great attention to detail. The characters come to live in a realistic three dimensional way, giving the reader a sense of reading a true story. Emotions are raw and relatable, a moving masterpiece. Well worth the read.
    I hope to read more of your Harry Potter fics and look forward to reading your other works. Thank you for sharing and you have an amazing talent for story telling. Another round of applause from this reader and cheers.


  6. Beautiful! I was moved to tears and returned to hope by reading this story. When I held my fiance today, it felt more magical and dear in that moment. Your writing is loved shared. Thank you.

    (An atheist, if you’re tracking the religious demographics of those moved heartily by your writing.)


  7. This story was phenomenal. I usually don’t do Harry/Hermione stories or HP stories with a religious aspect. But I loved this story.


  8. This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. I only cried about 3 million times lol But seriously, the amount of empathy and compassion you had me feeling for Snape and Harry was on another level (and these are already 2 of my favorite characters!). Thank you for sharing it with us 🙂


  9. … I cried. Multiple times… I suppose that means you’ve accomplished pulling at least one readers heartstrings with words. Pens mightier than the sword.


  10. I am crying so hard right now. This book is amazing and beautiful. You capture the characters amazingly well and this should be a spin-off or a what if on Harry Potter. Thank you for sharing this.


  11. That was heart-rending. You dragged us over burning coals with Snape’s utter loneliness and self-loathing, and then you healed it… a little… with the love and reconciliation in Snape’s final moments. it really hurt… fanfics aren’t meant to hurt.


  12. The way it touch me … I cried a lot on the last 2 chapters, Lady Death it’s a luxury when you’ve been living hell on earth but meeting her with a friend that holds you till the end must be a beautiful end. I can’t really put all my feeling on a comment but know this: GREAT WORK


  13. I loved “Legend of the Lost”. I usually dont read anything that intense and prefer light/humour fanfics but your story was so captivating. I must say that i was dreading the end as I knew that snape would have to die but you made the ending almost poetic and i felt as if it was totally justified.


  14. Really, it’s my pleasure of being able to read such wonderful pieces of art. And as for my favorite parts… oh, man, that’s hard. I suppose overall, it’s just your writing style that reminds me very much of classic poetry and literature and how you characterized Snape and his relationships with Lily and Harry… everything was simply pheromonal. I love the aspects of the classic literature that you incorporate in the story; I don’t necessarily read them regularly, but if I must, I find them utterly fascinating. 🙂

    I hope you have a wonderful day and keep on writing! ^w^


  15. My favorite parts were when Harry would read the books to Snape, or when they would have their joking quarrels. The part that hit me the most with the feels would have to be the ending when Harry stands up for Snape when the others ridicule him. This story is so unique.


  16. I really appreciated how you explored the relationship between Severus and Harry post-war, as I always felt that in Rowling’s epilogue, it was too unsettled (and far too abrupt with the whole namesake child thing). Likewise, Snape just seems the type to take comfort from words of literature, and the way you wrote his descriptions and how he shared his wisdom with Harry really evoked the passionate nature Snape not doubt was hiding. I did personally feel the Hermione/Harry relationship was sudden (I do ship the pair, but to have it occur so quickly) as was the decision for the whole lot to leave the magical world behind (as understandable as it is), but the chapters beforehand were very poignant. Snape’s death scene was also very touching, in how you portrayed him as ultimately a broken and vulnerable man at the very end. It also shows Harry’s character in that he understood Snape needed physical contact during such a difficult time. Overall, great ideas and execution of them, and perhaps you’ll have another masterpiece in the future! 🙂


  17. I really liked your inclusion of poetry. I have taken literature class but reading your story actually helped me understand it better. I enjoyed the flashbacks to Severus’s past and the comparison to excommunication and unforgivable sin. I felt like I was reading a book instead of a fan fiction.


  18. Legend of the Lost is an incredible story. The way your write it is very substantial, I suppose, but at the same time, it is not so overwhelming that we, the readers, have a hard time reading it. I also like the way you write Harry’s and Severus’ character, what they say and think is so like them. My favorite part is where Harry describe the sky for Severus when the poison affected his eyes and their bonding time in general, I guess.

    Thank you very much for writing Legend of the Lost and this message. May you never lose your passion in writing.


  19. Your story was so amazingly well written, I immediately fell in love. The careful crafting of the words and plot…terrific. I like the idea of reconciliation between two old enemies, despite that not being Harry’s intention at first. This may be morbid, but towards the end was my favorite. That was when things got even more emotional than before, because Snape’s time on earth was running out. I love how you incorporated such profound ideas into your writing.

    I enjoyed the change from Snape surviving, it made for a more unique story and not a situation I’d think many would come up with. The symbolism and raw emotion blew me away. I have to mention again how well you wrote this story, it was truly a masterpiece.

    The closure with knowing what life for Harry was like years after Snape`s death was greatly appreciated and an excellent ending. Even if they had only truly known one another for a few weeks, it was nice to see Harry still remembering his old Potions Professor. The last bit with Harry in the future struck a chord with me. I enjoyed seeing the impact Snape still had on him.

    Congratulations on a story completed.


  20. it was a very gripping read. It was hard to put down even when I had to be at work haha. I’d have to say my favorite parts where the growing comradery between snape and Harry, it felt very realistic how it was a slow gradual understanding of each other’s perspectives and reasoning. The last chapter where Harry was helping Snape to let go was so touching and raw that I actually got a little choked up reading it. I am pretty picky with fanfics lately but your writing style was excuisite. Detailed but not Tolkien levels, a level of show don’t tell that’s rather hard to do in the written word, and your writing of the characters. Well let’s just say that sometimes I forgot I was reading fanfiction and not a thrown away chapter from ms Rowling herself. The only gripe I had was sometimes the use of ellipses were used too much, but it was understandable with snape as his neck was rapidly enlisting as the story grew. I loved it and favorited it so I could easily find it and read it again and again. Thank you and please keep on writing.


  21. Dear Rosaria Marie,

    First of all, thank you for the wonderful stories and the poem as well. My favorite parts are all the scenes where Severus Snape opens up something about himself and meets compassion instead of rejection as he expected. In “Legend of the Lost” the part with Severus’s death is really impressive, although I felt very sad while reading it. Despite the inevitable death you managed to leave the hope, which is important for me.

    Have you ever read “Masters and Margarita” by Bulgakov? There is a sentence like “the master had not deserved the light, but peace”. I really want the light for Severus, for everything he did in Lily’s name and all his sufferings… However, logically the peace fits in a way better. What do you think?



  22. Hello, I rarely write anyone but I must tell you that I just read “Legends of the Lost”. I was not sure what to expect given the description, and I am rarely moved to strong emotions, but I found your story to be incredibly tragic and liberating at the same time. It was beautifully written and very poignant. Severus Snape being beaten by those whom he protected, when completely defenceless at the end of his life, invoked images to me of Christ during his final trials. Also, the symbolism of Snape dying at Easter, I also found very moving and fitting. Thank you for a wonderful read!!

    I must admit that I have not read the Harry Potter books but recently saw the movies. Alan Rickman did such a wonderful job bringing Snape to life, that I found myself hooked on the series. Somehow, J.K. Rowling’s end for Snape did not sit well with me – such an incredibly tragic character, who has worked tirelessly to save so many who hate him, could not face such an end, even though I know that real life is truly not fair. So, I like to find stories that give the character a little more depth and a chance at some acknowledgment of his sacrifice by other characters, however small – which is how I came to discover your wonderful story.

    I also find some Christian songs do give me inspiration. The Kry’s line “I would have died for you, had you been the only one” when referencing Christ has always struck me, but I have not managed to write anything that incorporates it. Faith is an important part of my life and I have had a chance to learn more about the Catholic faith recently which has opened my eyes to the different interpretations of Biblical teachings. I appreciate the Catholic teachings, even if sometimes I have a different view. Faith is a powerful and amazing thing. Life is hard but God is good. We are all His children, but some of us seem to have to take the winding road to find Him . . .

    Thank you again for your wonderful writing; it is a true gift from God and for you to share it so willingly is greatly appreciated. Your new friend in Christ,


  23. That’s one powerful story! It made me both cry and smile. I normally hate stories when the main character dies at the end but for this one, it was the point of the story and you seem to have done a very good job of it.


  24. Legend of the Lost remained absolutely stunning right up until the final paragraph. The interaction between Snape and Harry was incredible all the way through. If there is anything I could criticise, it would be the speed of events immediately after his death – but those were never the point of the story. Snape and Harry were, and they were fantastic. I’m looking forward to the GoT and Star Trek stories too. They’re not my main fandoms, but a bit like Harry Potter I enjoy good stories from them, and I’m sure whatever you produce will fit that standard!

    By the way, I am a native Brit – and I was quite surprised to see that you’re not! For someone who’s never lived here, your grasp of British culture, norms and language is extraordinary. I’m particularly impressed with your Snape’s echoes of the Midlands – everything north of Oxford and south of Edinburgh typically escapes the notice of people not from here, and plenty of Brits too!


  25. I absolutely loved your story, which is saying something because for all that I love Harry Potter I never was able to jump on the Snape is okay ship. Your story was so awesome because it really connects I think with actually how the characters would’ve acted in that situation and gives meaning to why Harry would have been able to forgive him enough to name a child after him. Thank you for sharing your work with the world!


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