Acorns Away!

By Sarah Levesque
Word Count: 92
Rating: G
Summary: A poem about autumn in the Northeast.

Image Credit: Mother Earth News

Oak trees like bombers
Soaring toward the sky
Laden with burdens 
To loose upon the unsuspecting below

Suddenly, a release!
And all the missiles fall.
Lighter, now, the bearer kisses the clouds
Unconcerned with the fate of the unsuspecting below

The unsuspecting cringe
Under the deadly hail;
Flinging up hands to ward them
Ducking down below

Knowing natives laugh
At visitor’s consternation and alarm 
As they look up, wide eyed, and slip on those below 

This is a New England autumn:
Acorns overhead,
Acorns underfoot,
Acorns away!

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