Winter Submissions Wanted…

Our Winter Issue of Ink and Fairydust will be based on the season and its many holidays, particularly Christmas and other solstice-based celebrations. We are looking for all types of works, including but not limited to…

* Artwork

* Book & Movie Reviews

* Fanfiction

* Original Fiction

* Poetry

* Reflections on the season

* Reflections on the winter holidays (any and all!)

As always, what goes into the magazine is based on the editors’ discretion, though pieces sent in earlier are generally given more consideration.

Deadline: November 28.

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2 thoughts on “Winter Submissions Wanted…

Add yours

  1. For our Mothers on Christmas

    Beyond all other nights, on this strange Night,
    A strangers’ star, a silent, seeking star,
    Helps set the wreckage of our souls aright:
    It leads us to a stable door ajar

    And we are not alone in peeking in:
    An ox, an ass, a lamb, some shepherds, too –
    Bright star without; a brighter Light within
    We children see the Truth three Wise Men knew

    For we are children there in Bethlehem
    Soft-shivering in that winter long ago
    We watch and listen there, in star-light dim,
    In cold Judea, in a soft, soft snow

    The Stable and the Star, yes, we believe:
    Our mothers sing us there each Christmas Eve


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