Walk With Me

By Patrick W Kavanagh

Word Count: 206

Rating: G

Summary: A poem of leaving trouble behind and walking with a friend

Image Credit: Greg Olsen

Leave your sorrows far behind

and walk with me to find

a calmer place to be.

When the glamour fades from the life

you thought that you would love,

when the road ahead seems

full of misery,

when the worries  get too much

and you can’t carry on,

when you’ve come to doubt the things

that used to mean so much,

then walk with me.

Leave the glaring lights and noise behind,

leave your watch and phone at home,

walk away from all the troubles

that confuse your weary mind.

Find a place where you can truly be alone

and walk with me.


Forest, field, or quiet garden,

beach or park, or candle in the dark,

you will find me in the silence,

stop and listen,

find the light beyond the gloom

and you will find me there.


You wonder who I am;

I am the gentle touch upon your hair,

I am the comfort and companionship

when no one else is there.

I am the eagle flying high,

I am the wolf, I am the bear,

I am the Dawning and the End of Time.

Look within yourself

and I am always there.





One thought on “Walk With Me

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  1. This beautiful, soothing poem really helped me, because I read it during a time when I had begun to “doubt the things that used to mean so much.” Thank you.


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