People of the Past Pod-casts, with Hope Rachael

By Keturah Lamb

Word Count: 987

Rating: G

Summary: A podcast from the future with a man from the past.


People of the Past Pod-casts, with Hope Rachael

Learn about my father’s and my work as we interview people of the past.


Date: August 28, 2020

Subject: Private Zechariah Adams.

Pod-cast: TTTD #34 “What Have We Become?”

Report: My father’s and my experiment succeeded. Back in 2019, we finished work on the first time travel transportation device (TTTD). As of yet we can only bring random people from the past, and return them once we are done with them.

We are still working on being able to duplicate individuals’ travel and even travel ourselves.

One thing of interest; a majority of the subjects have been pulled from the Revolutionary War period. And even those that haven’t, have appeared horrified at our culture. Not shocked – horrified. Even ashamed.

Because of their words, the federal and state governments are trying to close this operation. For that reason, my father and I are always on the move.


Press Play



Woman’s voice: Hello. This is Hope Rachael speaking. Today I have Private Zechariah Adams with me. I will be asking him some questions that I hope will produce a better result in our understanding of our technology.


Hope Rachael: Thank you for joining me today, Private Adams.

Private Zechariah Adams: Thank you for having me, Miss Tr-

Hope Rachael: You can call me Hope Rachael.

Private Zechariah Adams: Ah, yes.

Hope Rachael: We don’t have much time, so we better get to it. Can you tell me about yourself? When you were born? And how you came to be in this room with me today?

Private Zechariah Adams: It’s a long story –

Hope Rachael: Remember, time. Could you shorten it?

Private Zechariah Adams: (nervous laughter) I shall try. I was born March 14, 1760. I am a private under –

Hope Rachael: What year was that?

Private Zechariah Adams: 1760.

Hope Rachael: Can you tell me today’s date?

Private Zechariah Adams: I believe I was told it is August 28, 2020.

Hope Rachael: How old are you?

Private Zechariah Adams: Twenty-one.

Hope Rachael: So, you are telling me you were born in 1760. The year is now 2020. And you are twenty-one?

Private Zechariah Adams: Correct.

Hope Rachael: Please explain?

Background noise.

Hope Rachael: (anxious) We need to hurry.

Private Zechariah Adams: I am not sure. All I know is this: I was excited. Our Declaration of Independence had been signed and read. We had proclaimed our freedom. I saw hope – I knew there was still much work ahead of us. But I was happy – we won the war! And then I was no longer in the room of my cheering comrades, but here in the future.

Hope Rachael: Do you know how this came about?

Private Zechariah Adams: I have been told, by you and your father, Miss – Hope Rachael. But I do not understand it. In some way you pulled me from my time into your time.

Hope Rachael: What do you think about our time?

Private Zechariah Adams: I detest it. I can not fathom how so many have not even read the Constitution (or the Bible for that matter), yet consider themselves educated in matters of importance. It makes me want to weep for shame.

Hope Rachael: Can you please explain?

Private Zechariah Adams: There was so much hope. Times were hard. But there was hope – we were making a better nation. We, the people, were standing against the oppressor. But what have we the people become? I am depressed – the war. The blood. My uncle, my cousins… all we fought for, what they died for – it’s all in vain. For our descendants have taken our good work to use in their own selfish pursuits.

Hope Rachael: What has made you come to this conclusion?

Private Zechariah Adams: Everything. The economic system. Jefferson warned the nation that public debt was to be feared as the greatest danger – yet it would seem this is encouraged? Vile habits are practiced openly and shown on moving images. As if this beautiful country has become one huge brothel. So many people are crude, selfish, and caught up in materialism. I see few real women – only females rejecting their natural beauty. I see few real men. Only males rejecting their inborn strength or using it to commit abhorrent acts. I see little love, and much ignorance. I see many turning to drugs and crime, and prisons filled to overflowing.  

Hope Rachael: How long have you been in the future?

Private Zechariah Adams: Six weeks. It’s been too long – I just want to go home.

Hope Rachael: Don’t worry – we will be sending you back shortly. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Private Zechariah Adams: Yes, that I am sick. I wish this were not true – to think that all that I and my comrades have done is a waste? I can not grasp it.

Hope Rachael: What would you do?

Private Zechariah Adams: I would weigh the odds. Decide if we were better left under a tyrant’s hands, or left to our own vices. Either way I believe we would lose. To be taxed by the King? Or tax our own? To be killed by the enemy? Or kill our own young and old? I do not know. If it were at all possible, I would encourage a group of men to come with me to your time and set the world straight by our own fashion. This way I could die in my own time knowing that my relations’ blood was not shed in vain.

Hope Rachael: Our time is up. Thank you very much for speaking with me.

Private Zechariah Adams: (sigh) I only hope it does some good – that we change our ways and start reading the Constitution that this century claims to live by.


End recording


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