Your Downfall

By Lucy Potter

Word Count: 277

Rating: G

Summary: Snape taunts Voldemort.

Image Credit: Guinguingue on Deviantart

Now the dream sparks

The tale I heard
said you were a cunning boy
just as I had suspected
of one so cold

You craft a horcrux
Myrtle’s spirit lives again
it’s not enough
and you are back on the prowl

You say the curse
in the living room
the first Tom Riddle falls down dead
you say to yourself, “There’s more to do still.”

You take the cup
it’s nighttime
but oh, you’re too close to stop now
you’re fixed on the horcrux you hope to create

Soon you’re beaten
in time you’ll rise again
the end’s far
and your triumph near

There’s a locket
then a tramp
when you crossed
you were still a young man

But you were already so callous
your name was a contagion
you were vile yet exalted
all the same, I stood bravely

How the tides change

I don’t suppose you know that serf’s name
so I won’t ask you about it
all the things that you did
to escape the cold hands of death

I doubt you regret a thing
heard you’re prepared to face me now
but you’re looking for a fight I don’t want
so what do you have planned?
what do you have planned?

Hear you tell your servant to see if I live
oh, but she lies
they say a dozen years ago
she would not have done so

She doesn’t trust you with her child’s life
maybe that will save me
so sure in your win
you don’t expect

You’re at your best
when you’re on top
above the rest
Master of Death

Now the bells toll


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    1. Hi, JJ! I am the poster, but I am not a Potterhead so I have no clue who is speaking here. Can you tell me so I can fix it, please?


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