Lucia’s Night

By Nathan Stone

Word Count: 210

Rating: G

Summary: A poem of St. Lucia’s Day.

Image Credit: Renee Graef/American Girl

Lucia’s night has come again—

Take the candles and hurry through the snow

That lies in mountains and flies like diamonds as it blows.


Lucia’s night is here again—

Hurry through the dark and windy world

Where trees sleep in silence with trunks so cold.


Lucia’s night is burning long—

Climb the knoll where earth and sky can touch

And where the cold moon looks and sees too much.


Lucia’s night is burning slow—

Lift your candles to the shining mirror

By her touch let light and warmth draw near.


Lucia’s night is burning fast—

Put her light into your longing breast

Let it thaw your heart, prepare it for a guest.


Lucia’s night is burning low—

Trod on back home to hearth and bed

Through a world of winter that is not dead.


Lucia’s night is ending now—

Keep her light bright, bow your head and pray

That it will increase with the coming of the day.


Lucia’s night is ending now—

Soon the cold moon will disappear

To make way for the brightest day of the year.


The fresh new day is burning bright—

Take the flame of Lucia’s night

Hold it to the sun for Him to set alight!


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