A Friend in Need


By Donna Ferguson Dudley, January 30, 2016

Word Count: 237

Rating: G (suitable for all audiences)

Summary: A poem of a fairy

Image credit: Belles Images Animés

Within a locked and ornate cage, a fairy sat in sorrow.

  The sorceress who locked her there, would come again tomorrow.

Within She wanted all her magic; fae would wither, when t’was taken.

 She sent a plea out to the void, that she not be forsaken.…

 The chiming words she offered up, a desperation’s plea,

 That those who heard, would rescue her, delivering her the key,

 To open and escape the cage, and save her magic glimmer,

 But as the hours of the night, kept passing, hope grew dimmer.

 Within the cage, her powers weak, from sorceress’ dark spell,

 No matter how she tried to call the key to her, she failed.

 Now weary, close to giving up, she hung her head and cried,

 But then she heard a fluttering, that came from the hearth-side.

 And suddenly, into the room, a dozen butterflies,

 Were beating wings and searching, for the key that opened wide!

 It wasn’t long ’til it was found and placed in lock, and turned,

 And freedom was the gift they gave, for which she had so yearned.

 Up chimney, into open sky, with joy, homeward they fly,

 Back to Enchanted Forest, and on this, you can rely,

 That sorceress will pay a price, for her most evil deed.

 And thanks, to help from butterflies, her plan did not succeed!



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