The Traveler

By Christina Culverhouse, February 21, 2016

Word Count: 139

Rating: G

Summary: A poem of travel

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Differing states of perception

Make for an interesting journey

Today the air is cool

The sun is not yet warming

The back porch

Learning to swim ocean waters

Sometimes I dive too deep

Stay down too long

Knowing how to rise up

Keeps me from drowning

I walk along the shore

Shallow waves bubble around my ankles

Feel the warm sand beneath my bare feet

Holding and admiring the jewels

Gathered from the ocean floor

Baby birds chirping

Mamma bird calling

Returns to feed her young

Hawk glides effortlessly

High above the trees

Acclimates to the biomes

Clear vision to see

Where she has been

Where she is now

And where she’s going to be

Deep red chrysanthemum eyes

Lest I forget

I am her

And she is me

(Copyright, 2014)



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