Well Met


By Donna Ferguson Dudley

Word Count: 229

Rating: G (suitable for all audiences)

Summary: A poem about the mythical Hippocampus


well met.png
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A being, out of legend, the Hippocampus often drew

Poseidon’s chariot, across expanses, ocean blue.

He was both proud and beautiful, like horse, above the waves,

But down below, a dolphin tail, great ease of swimming, gave.

One day, when at his leisure, he went out to explore

He followed ships far out to sea, and caution, showed, no more

By name, he was “Majestic Steed”; and he fought hard, to slip

The snares so cruelly capturing him, thrown from a passing ship

His eyes of green were wild but brave, heart laboring, time-doubled,

Till hands released the tightening ropes, to float up, through the bubbles.

Upon his silver mane, she pressed, a strong, but gentle hand

And led him, kindly, through the depths, to rest in ocean sands

She told him, that her name was “Grace”, this saving grace, mermaid,

And looked into his eyes of green, a most enchanting jade.

Her Caribbean sea-blue eyes confirmed, he’d found a friend.

And from that moment, there was born, a friendship, without end.

Now sometimes, through the spin-drift foam, is seen a thing of wonder,

And any sailors catching sight, are struck dumb, as with thunder!

Two friends, that sport among the waves, in joy, now safe, from capture,

Each for the other’s heart is pledged, a helpmate, ever after!


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