Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas

By Linda M. Crate

Word Count: 115

Rating: G

Summary: A poem of a Christmas with no snow.

Image Credit: Mitch Martinez

it doesn’t feel


nor right

that christmas is coming

and there is no psalm

of white snow

lilting across the land

promising a new hope

and redemption

for the end of one year

and a chorus

into the next;

all my gifts have been purchased,

ready to be wrapped

but the music of the season

isn’t doing anything for me;

doesn’t quite feel like christmas

when one witnesses daily

the cruelty of mankind;

it’s why i prefer the perfect

healing hands of nature;

she doesn’t judge

and gives me nothing

but acceptance and love

and reminds me

of the roots

and petals of flowers

i once had forgotten

bringing me closer

to His hand.



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