Jesus is Born!


By M. C. Pehrson

Word count: 102

Rating: G

Summary: The event of Christ’s birth.

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Hark, hear the bells a-ringing,

Christmas is here;

Lo, hear the angels singing

As they draw near.

Light from a stable glowing

Steady and warm,

Donkey and oxen lowing,

Safe from all harm.

See in a manger lying

A sweet, holy Child

Wrapped in a blanket, smiling

At His mother mild.

Nearby, a man stands pondering

The miraculous night,

His good heart ever marveling

At this precious sight.

Oh come, souls a-wandering,

Come witness the hour,

See sin dispersing

Before heaven’s power.  

Kneel down and gaze with longing

At a sweet Infant face

Aglow with love and sharing

God’s own saving grace.


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