Wolf of Darkness

By Benjamin David Smith

Word Count: 141

Rating: PG

Summary: A tale of strangers and love

Image Credit: artofEvre.deviantart.com

She stood by the yew, watching, waiting,
He strode below the darkness,
Unperturbed by the smell of decay.
She let out a breath, an indiscriminate sigh.
He drew towards her…
She spied him stalking amongst the graves.

“You are late,” she stated.
He growled softly, in mock annoyance,
She laughed, apparently a sound likening to a sprite.
He circled her, devouring her soul with his eyes.
Her eyes followed his.

His eyes, a flaming fury of sad darkness,
Hers a sea of unfathomable love and loneliness.
His heart met hers,
His flames were quenched,
Her tears were taken.
Her soul met his,
His darkness faded,
Her loneliness became filled with belonging.

The Wolf of Darkness met the Woman with the Deep Blue Eyes…
They kissed.
They danced.
They fell in love.


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