A Day of Bliss

By Benjamin David Smith

Word Count: 150
Rating: PG
Summary: Lovers enjoy time together.

Image Credit: christinedemerchant.com/boat-styles-rowboat.html

I hear patters from a small stream.
My love eludes me.
I feel the rain fall upon my face,
And then she holds me.
I dive and feel the ocean all around me.
She kisses me.
I feel the cool breeze under the stars
As she sleeps.

Morning comes, and she awakes.
We laugh gleefully as I chase her
Over the small stream,
Near where we lay in the night.

It rains and I lose her.
I stop and listen,
Looking for her.
She appears from behind me,
And embraces me.

We take a boat out for the afternoon.
She appears to stumble, falls.
I dive after her.
I come up for breath beside her,
And again we embrace
In a passionate kiss.

It grows late, and she sleeps.
Upon my shoulder she lays her head.
We lie under the stars,
And I enjoy bliss.


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