Superhero Sundays: Green Lantern (John Stewart)

Superhero Sundays: Green Lantern (John Stewart)

By Ian T. Wilson

Rating: G

Word Count: 204

Summary: a brief biography of DC Comics’ John Stewart.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros

Good morning, and welcome again to Superhero Sunday. I’m your host, Ian Wilson. This week, we’re looking at John Stewart. No, not the late night comedian, the Green Lantern.

In the DC Comics Universe, the Green Lantern Corps are a group of galactic peacekeepers from all different planets and races, dedicated to fighting evil. They are commanded by the Guardians of the Universe; a race of immortal aliens. The Guardians created the the Green Lantern power rings and gave to people who they deemed worthy of their power. John Stewart was one of these. John was an architect and formerly a member of the United States Marine Corps. When he was given his ring, he was a bit brash, but he proved himself worthy to carry the ring.

John Stewart also had the distinction of being a member of the Justice League, which is where I know him from. He was featured in the Justice League TV series which was on TV when I was a kid, and John Stewart was the best character in the show, in my opinion.

John Stewart was created by writer Dennis O’Neil and the great comic artist Neal Adams and first appeared in Green Lantern #87 in 1971.


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